Red River and FedTec are pleased to announce they have entered a strategic partnership, combining Red River’s industry-leading technology integration and value-added reseller services with FedTec’s world-class strategy-led enterprise delivery and next-gen technology services.

This partnership will immediately benefit the $65M IRS Big Data Analytics (BDA) Managed Services (MS) contract where FedTec will deliver the services function of the Managed Services contract leveraging its decades of IRS systems delivery experience that is further bolstered by the addition of former IRS executives with wealth of operations experience.

The IRS BDA Managed Services provides the data platform as a service to the mission-critical IRS fraud detection applications that in 2023, flagged approximately 1.5M tax returns with associated refunds worth about $7.2B.

Through this partnership, Red River and FedTec aim to significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of this vital service, employing next-generation technology to improve fraud detection and safeguard the integrity of tax administration processes.

About Red River

Red River brings together the ideal combination of talent, partners and products to disrupt the status quo in technology and drive success for business and government in ways previously unattainable. Red River serves organizations well beyond traditional technology integration, bringing more than 25 years of experience and mission-critical expertise in managed services, AI, cybersecurity, modern infrastructure, collaboration and cloud solutions. Learn more at

About FedTec

FedTec is a leading digital solutions, infrastructure services, and cybersecurity provider for federal government agencies. With 18+ years of experience, FedTec empowers agencies to meet the mission of tomorrow with innovative technology and transformative insight. Powered by expert technologists and mission architects, FedTec optimizes operations, enhances mission evolution, and leverages cutting-edge capabilities to elevate agency effectiveness.




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