Pioneering Possibility Through Technology

The digital era demands more than IT that simply reacts to what’s happening today; it requires innovation rooted in the technology of tomorrow. At FedTec, we provide expert guidance and mission-oriented consulting to curate technologies that transform agencies now and into next.

We continually identify opportunities for improvement and implement solutions with minimal operational disruption. From customized IT infrastructure to federally relevant enterprise architecture, our solutions match the scope of mission needs and lay the foundation for future mission success. In an ever-evolving federal space, FedTec enables agencies to accelerate ahead and lead from the front.

CIO Advisory Services

Advance confidently with advising that aligns IT strategy with business objectives for informed innovation.

Strategic Planning

Develop comprehensive IT strategies that align with organizational goals and maximize the value of mission IT.

Technology Assessment

Optimize your organization’s technology stack with in-depth assessment services identifying areas for improvement.

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Digital Transformation

Embrace the technology of tomorrow with curated guidance on effective digital transformation.

IT Governance

Streamline decision-making and resource allocation with personalized governance models built on proven best practices.

Enterprise Agile Delivery Services

In a constantly changing federal landscape, staying ahead means staying Agile. Merging extensive Agile development experience with unique insight into its agency applications, we empower organizations to embrace Agile principles and achieve more.

Transformation Strategy

Collaborate with our experts to create an Agile transformation strategy that suits your mission objectives and operating environments.

Training & Coaching

Elevate your teams’ agile expertise with in-depth training and coaching that drives change at every level of the enterprise.

Project Management

Effectively and efficiently implement Agile project management methodologies like sprint planning, backlog grooming, release planning, and more.

Agile Scaling

Ensure Agile practices are enacted across the entire enterprise with scaling services that suit organizations of any size.

Agile Tooling

Identify and incorporate essential Agile project management tools like Jira, Azure DevOps, RalleyDev, and more.

Cloud Strategy & Adoption Services

Bring the cloud within reach of your organization with strategy and adoption services that ensure a seamless transition for your mission.

Thorough Needs Assessment

Gain a clear picture of your current IT infrastructure and what the most effective way forward looks like for your organization.

Custom Strategy & Consulting

Identify the AWS, Azure or other product that best align with your business goals and receive curated adoption strategies to reach them.

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Migration Planning

Minimize disruptions with a comprehensive migration plan customized to your circumstances. Our experience with AWS and Azure enables the seamless transition of existing applications and data to the cloud.

Implementation Services

Ensure cloud migration projects execute on-time and on-budget with the support of our cloud experts.

Cloud Security

Develop and implement robust cloud security measures that safeguard IT infrastructure and sensitive data. Our teams build on a wealth of experience transitioning to cloud services in Zero Trust operating environments.

Ongoing Optimization

Our experts continually oversee and optimize cloud resources for superior performance and cost-efficiency.

Cloud Management

Stay focused on mission-critical tasks with managed cloud services that handle day-to-day management tasks.

Cloud Native Application Development

Scalability, reliability, and agility are essential to mission success, and they all start with cloud native application development. Partnering with FedTec, agencies can stay capable in a cloud-first world.

Cloud Native Application Design

Design and deploy applications optimized for cloud environments to ensure efficient resource allocation.

Development & Integration

We develop new applications using cloud-native technologies for seamless integration with existing systems.

Microservices Architecture

Our expert technologists can transition your organization to microservices architecture, breaking down applications into manageable components for greater flexibility.


Consistently deploy across different environments with container solutions for cloud applications.

DevSecOps & CI/CD

Streamline your development and deployment processes with DevSecOps and CI/CD practices shaped to suit your mission need.

Data Management Services

For modern enterprises, data management is a task that often appears a complex as it is critical. With FedTec, agencies can master the complexity of data and take control of the insights it holds.


Ensure consistent data quality and consistency with governance policies built on industry best practices and tools like Alaton and Informatica Solutions.

Quality Management

Develop pipelines for both structured and unstructured data that thoroughly clean, standardize, and enrich data for greater accuracy and reliability.

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Using IpaaS solutions like MuleSoft, we build integration hubs across multiple data sources, applications, cloud, and hybrid environments for comprehensive analysis.

Data Security & Compliance

Protect your data from threats and achieve complete compliance with data privacy regulations by implementing cloud encryption and HSM solutions.

Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Visualization Services

A world that’s driven by data requires data-driven decisions. We enable organizations to harness the power of their data and transform raw information into actionable insights.

Data Analytics

Act with assurance relying on analytics that uncover key trends, patterns, and insights within data sets.

Business Intelligence (BI)

We design, develop, and deploy BI solutions to provide organizations with a complete picture of their data.


Leverage compelling visualizations to transform complex data sets into clearly understandable and actionable narratives.

Data Integration

Gain a comprehensive view of essential information with solutions that integrate data points from various sources.

AI/ML Services

Collect, clean, and prepare data for effective AI/ML training, model development, and solution deployment in real mission scenarios.

Low-Code to No-Code Development

Push the pace of mission progress with innovative development services that empower agencies to move forward faster.

Application Development

We create mission-essential applications at mission-relevant speed using low-code to no-code platforms.

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Process Automation

Unlock new efficiencies by streamlining and automation manual processes across the organization.

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Our low-code to no-code solutions seamlessly integrate with your agency’s existing systems and data sources.

Training & Support

Elevate the effectiveness of your IT teams with tailored trainings and support services covering the use of low-code to no-code tools.

Application Maintenance

Leverage ongoing maintenance services to continually support low-code platforms.

Ready to Take on Tomorrow?

Reach out to our team of dedicated experts and find out how FedTec can help your organization thrive now and into next.