Creating Better Information Security for Government Missions

For missions that safeguard and serve our country, logical and physical security is a necessity. At FedTec we deploy comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that enable uninterrupted service and information protection.

We understand the rapidly evolving nature of cybersecurity threats and the need for IT and data protection. By designing and implementing integrated cyber programs, we empower our clients to be more resilient, reliable, and ready for everything that comes next.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solutions

In an increasingly inter-connected world, securing mission success must start with safeguarding IT and the data that’s entrusted to support organizational missions. That’s why now, more than ever, it’s essential to implement a robust and reliable cybersecurity risk management framework and associated controls. At FedTec, our expert security team helps client cyber teams navigate challenges wherever they arise, whether it’s adapting to new compliance requirements or devising sustainable risk management strategies. Our cyber expertise spans the full spectrum of need, allowing us to offer assured advising on the protection of IT assets at every level of the enterprise.

Core Solutions & Services
• ISSO Support Services
• Automated Compliance
• Policy and Planning
• Assessment & Authorization
• GRC Tool Support
• Continuous Monitoring
• Continuous ATO Support
• Assessment Process Tailoring
• NIST Controls Assessments
• RMF Assessments
• FISMA Compliance
• Audit Defense

End-to-End Security Engineering

At FedTec, our technologists specialize in end-to-end security engineering to safeguard IT and data from threats and vulnerabilities, wherever they may arise.

With expertise in diverse areas like DevSecOps, cloud security, zero trust architecture, and more, we comprehensively solve security challenges. Using major scanning platforms, our experts work closely with engineering and operations teams to monitor, manage, and remediate risk across the enterprise.

Core Solutions & Services
• Security Architecture & Design
• DevSecOps
• Security Automation Orchestration
• Big Data Security
• Cloud and Application Security
• Predictive Threat
• Network Security Engineering
• Machine Learning
• Artificial Intelligence
• Endpoint Security
• BMC Security
• Cloud Security

Cyber Strategy & Planning Services

Meaningful mission security is about more than just protecting today, it’s about preparing for tomorrow. We create holistic cyber strategies that prioritize integration, adaptability, and collaboration to keep agencies ahead of the curve and ahead of threats.

Cyber Program & Capability Assessments

Comprehensively assess the maturity and effectiveness of whole cyber programs or individual controls using industry-standard organization-specific frameworks.

Strategy & Planning

Secure the way ahead with complete cyber strategies that provide enterprise leaders with visionary, yet practical advising for evolving cyber program requirements.

Cyber Metrics & Reporting

Analyze and evaluate security spending outcomes with custom performance indicators, dashboards, and executive-level reporting templates.

Cloud & Application Security

Leverage secure cloud migration strategies, architecture design, cyber control implementations, app security reviews, secure app design, and implementation of DevOps workflows.

Ready to Take on Tomorrow?

Reach out to our team of dedicated experts and find out how FedTec can help your organization thrive now and into next.