FedTec, a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) specializing in digital solutions, infrastructure services, and cybersecurity for federal government agencies, proudly announces its latest achievement. FedTec recently secured a $25M, 5-year contract supporting the GSA Public Buildings Service Office of Information Technology, surpassing four other contenders in a highly competitive selection process. 

This remarkable win underscores FedTec’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to delivering exceptional services to government partners. 

FedTec will provide unwavering support for occupancy and revenue management applications in this pivotal engagement. The scope of work includes operating and maintaining critical components within the ORMA suite, such as OA Billing, Rent Estimate, ADS, and ROW. FedTec is poised to uphold and elevate these applications to meet and exceed mission standards set by GSA. 

With over 18 years of industry expertise, FedTec empowers federal government agencies to embrace the future with innovative technology solutions and transformative insights. Led by a team of expert technologists and mission architects, FedTec optimizes operations, catalyzes mission evolution, and leverages cutting-edge capabilities to enhance agency effectiveness. Contact FedTec to learn more. 


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