FedTec, LLC and its partners, including Cadmus, andIBM have been awarded a contract with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO) to design, develop, implement, and manage the IT portfolio for clean energy credits. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Clean Energy Special Handling Portfolio (CE) contract is valued at $5.7 million for the initial year and will improve individuals, businesses, tax-exempt and government entities utilization of the expanded energyrelated tax credit amounts and types made available by the IRA. This work represents a significant step forward in administering clean energy incentives, including solar, electric vehicle (EV), and energy-efficient home improvement credits, essential for advancing the nation’s clean energy goals. 

FedTec brings deep expertise through past IRS projects and recent leadership acquisitions and a robust track record of delivering complex IT solutions within the federal sector. This business partnership combines FedTec’s recognized capabilities in IT systems integration Cadmus’ decades of experience leading organizational change, and IBM’s federal agency consulting expertise to create a powerhouse team poised to deliver on the IRS’s transformation and modernization objectives in the IRA Strategic Operating Plan. 

FedTec is committed to the highest service delivery standards and is dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future. This further solidifies its role as a catalyst for innovation and excellence in government contracting. 

About FedTec

FedTec is a leading digital solutions, infrastructure services, and cybersecurity provider for federal government agencies. With 18+ years of experience, FedTec empowers agencies to meet the mission of tomorrow with innovative technology and transformative insight. Powered by expert technologists and mission architects, FedTec optimizes operations, enhances mission evolution, and leverages cutting-edge capabilities to elevate agency effectiveness.


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