FedTec, in partnership with Accenture Federal Services, is proud to announce the award of a $30 million Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) from AmeriCorps’ Office of Information Technology to enhance their Information Technology Service Management using ServiceNow. The BPA, effective from May 2024 through April 2029, is designed to streamline and automate AmeriCorps’ business processes, improve intra-team communication and collaboration, and provide a consolidated system of record for IT operations. This award highlights FedTec’s commitment to leveraging innovative technologies to foster efficiency and connectivity within federal services.

As the current provider under a separate $18 million BPA supporting AmeriCorps’ Member and Volunteer Management System, FedTec brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of AmeriCorps’ operational needs. This existing relationship has established FedTec as a trusted partner, proficient in managing large-scale IT solutions that enhance the agency’s ability to oversee its vast network of volunteers and service programs effectively. Accenture Federal Services, a leading federal services company and subsidiary of Accenture, brings its industry-leading technology capabilities, proven commercial innovation, and a track record of delivering value and outcomes to complex federal programs. The combined capabilities provide exceptional benefits to AmeriCorps and federal clients.

About FedTec

FedTec is a leading digital solutions, infrastructure services, and cybersecurity provider for federal government agencies. With 18+ years of experience, FedTec empowers agencies to meet the mission of tomorrow with innovative technology and transformative insight. Powered by expert technologists and mission architects, FedTec optimizes operations, enhances mission evolution, and leverages cutting-edge capabilities to elevate agency effectiveness.


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