About the FedTec Innovation Lab

For federal agencies, meaningful innovation is about meeting the evolving needs of customers and delivering services faster, broadly, and more securely.

Our Innovation Lab is powered by a simple purpose, turning new technologies into trusted, implementable capabilities that are operationally ready to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of agencies to serve our nation.

Through the FedTec Innovation Lab, our expert technologists explore new possibilities and create actionable opportunities for better service delivery.

Bridging the gap between tomorrow’s technology and today’s mission delivery, our areas of expertise include:
● Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML)
● Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
● Low-Code to No-Code Development
● Cloud Native Application Development

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See Tomorrow. Solve for Tomorrow.

Our Approach

Tax-exempt organizations, nonexempt charitable trusts, and Section 527 political organizations file Form 990 to provide the IRS with the information required by Section 6033 of the United States Code. Today TE/GE makes these 990s available to the public via the Tax-Exempt Organizational Search (TEOS) user portal (https://apps.irs.gov/app/eos/). To do this, certain private and sensitive information must be removed or redacted from the 990 series returns to ensure that no controlled data is unintentionally released to the public. TE/GE believes the data redaction process can be improved. Below are several demo videos to showcase FedTec’s solution using a 990T.

Approach 1: Document Redaction

Automated redaction, easily implemented.

FedTec Labs’ solution makes the redaction of sensitive information easy and seamless. Once a form template is created, users can select which fields on the form should be redacted, and this will apply to all future forms matching this template. Whether the user needs to redact data from a PDF or XML file, Textract can accommodate the user’s requirements, and accomplish the task with speed and accuracy.


Approach 2: Document Digitalization & Redaction

Seamless digitalization, integrated into your systems.

In addition to document redaction, our tool can digitalize any handwritten document with a matching template. AI scans the form for all filled fields, and digitalizes each one in a key-value format. The user can easily search through the list to locate a specific value, see the confidence with which the AI reads the field, and edit the value if necessary. Our digitalization feature can also be used in conjunction with the redaction tool if needed.

Ready to Take on Tomorrow?

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