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The Why

Whether it’s analyzing customer feedback or managing internal communications, the ability to quickly assess sentiment and extract relevant data is essential. Manually processing this volume of information can be error-prone and time-consuming. Therefore, FedTec Innovation Lab has developed an advanced sentiment analysis tool to automate and enhance this process. Our solution not only speeds up document analysis but also ensures that based on the sentiment, critical steps such as compliance checks or handling sensitive content are taken promptly and effectively, safeguarding both efficiency and integrity in business operations.

The Solution

Our Sentiment Extraction tool is designed to streamline email and form processing with advanced sentiment analysis and workflow automation. With our platform, users can simply upload images of emails or forms, and our cutting-edge technology will extract key sentences to determine the sentiment—whether it’s positive, negative, or neutral. 

Based on the sentiment analysis results, our tool then suggests the next steps in a workflow fashion. For instance, if the sentiment indicates compliance issues, the email may be directed to the compliance department for further review. Similarly, if the content is flagged as “not safe for work”, appropriate actions can be taken to handle such content responsibly. 

By automating this process, our platform not only enhances efficiency but also ensures that emails and forms are routed appropriately, reducing manual intervention and improving workflow management.  

Document Redaction

Automated Sentiment Analysis, Effortlessly Executed.

FedTec Labs’ innovative tool simplifies the process of sentiment analysis in emails and forms. Once a document is uploaded, our platform quickly assesses and categorizes the sentiment—positive, negative, or neutral. Users can easily highlight sections that contain significant emotional indicators or sensitive data. Whether processing a batch of customer feedback or internal communications, our Sentiment Extraction tool adapts to your needs, delivering accurate and actionable insights swiftly.




About the FedTec Innovation Lab

For federal agencies, meaningful innovation is about meeting the evolving needs of customers and delivering services faster, broadly, and more securely.

Our Innovation Lab is powered by a simple purpose, turning new technologies into trusted, implementable capabilities that are operationally ready to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of agencies to serve our nation.

Through the FedTec Innovation Lab, our expert technologists explore new possibilities and create actionable opportunities for better service delivery.

Bridging the gap between tomorrow’s technology and today’s mission delivery, our areas of expertise include:
● Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML)
● Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
● Low-Code to No-Code Development
● Cloud Native Application Development

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